A Critique of Scientology and the Freezone
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Scientology and the Freezone.

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My name is Xyandra (screen name.) I live in central Virginia and I am easily accessible to anyone in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC. I consider myself a stable east coast terminal for those interested in pursuing Scientology outside of the Church of Scientology. DISCLAIMER: This website is not connected to the Churches of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center or any other corporation under the auspices of the RTC. While I am not currently auditing anyone, I may be able to help you move up the bridge if you are in my area.

I was trained in the C of S up through level V and audited up through OTIII there as well. I was fully hatted as a course supervisor, word clearer, auditor, ethics officer and tech sec. I was in the C of S (on staff) for 8 years. The entire 8 years was spent in the tech division. I held the following posts: HGC auditor, C/S, Intern Supervisor, Word Clearer, Course Supervisor, and Tech Sec. I still love the tech as it has always worked for me and for many others that I have personally applied it too. The difference now is that I can compare it to other things I know without fear of punishment or ethics.

The C of S seems to have so much uncertainty on what they promote that they are afraid of their members ever learning or studying anything else. They promote freedom and literacy, yet studying anything other than Scientology is called "squirreling." I have traced back over the years how Ron actually came up with his conclusions. I have studied and read hundreds of books and philosophies since I have left the C of S. AND YES, I still find the tech superior to anything I have ever read or done. But I did this on my own. No one force fed it to me. You can actually find little bits of what he developed in many other things. Examples are: Buddhism, Taoism, Druidism, Wiccan, the teachings of Jesus, etc. He was a genius. He compiled existing data and then added to it. His developments included things long hidden or never known. He was a maverick. He came here (to Earth) to teach the lessons and then left it up to us. I believe he had no more vested interested in things than that. It was man that destroyed the C of S, not Ron. I don't necessarily hold LRH and the C of S synonomously. He gave more trust and credit to people than they proved to be worthy of. The current heads of the C of S let their own hunger for greed and power overtake them and the lessons became second and many of the lessons are even being lost and altered. The C of S is taking the teachings that Ron gave us and going down the same route as Christianity went with the original teachings of Jesus. The true teachings of Jesus are all buried now. The bible is all that is left and it is nothing more than an abomination. It is a completely altered text. By the way, a great reference on this is a book - "The Bible Fraud" written by Tony Bushby. Now Ron's teachings are now being altered by those who took over the C of S. The end product will be, and already is, nothing more than an abomination of the original.

The other major stop for the current C of S is that for a group that claims to be "clearing the Planet" or having the intention to help "all others," they sure make the teachings or "therapy" unreachable for all but the most wealthy such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, etc. etc. etc. It is all well and good to clear some rich people but there is a whole planet out there that cannot be reached due to out-reality pricing. David Miscavige and his co-horts live like kings. Only the org staff and the sea org members that work day and night live on nothing. The cream of the crop top management team live as well as any Hollywood star. This is a BIG OUTPOINT as to what LRH originally intended.

In the Freezone, one can afford to be "enlightened." This is how it should be. Ron says in his first book and I quote: "The words were free, let them remain so." How does this translate into what the C of S is doing? In the freezone, they really are free. You can make it up the bridge as LRH intended ALL men to do. He did not intend for just a few rich Hollywood stars or oil tycoons to go OT. These people, in fact, ARE NOT saving the planet. They just polute more, use tons of energy for their overly large and over-priced homes, and do very little in general to further the state of mankind. Most (if not ALL) of them ARE NOT auditing. They are busy making movies AND some of the movies are really bad or horribly enturbulating. Not something you would expect an OT to be doing. In the freezone the game is NOT about money but about sanity and how to get there. You can discuss anything, including world affairs and express your views without fear of going to ethics or other type of retribution. You can be yourself and STILL practice the tech. Just imagine, not having to assume a certain "valence" just to practice the tech. The Freezone is a place to learn about Scientolgy without fear. An example is that you can still talk to your family (imagine that!!) even if they don't agree with your views on Scientology!! Freezone = Freedom to learn without fear and express your views without fear. The tech really works here as there is no enforced reality going on. That in itself causes bigger wins than you can imagine. So my message is that I want to be a friend and a tech terminal for anyone who wants to continue up the bridge but is not interested in continuing with the suppressive ways that the C of S has mocked up. ARC Xyandra

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